29-03-2014 21:25
What a busy week! Last wednesday I went to Triana with Arne ans Thybo and on friday we visited a castle. As you may have read on thybo's and Arne's blog, we didn't go to school on thursday, because there was a strike. Today I went to a rally and in the afternoon I went to the beach with our friends...
23-03-2014 19:12
This week I was a bit ill so I couldn’t go out much. Luckily, this weekend was better. On Saturday morning I went with my family to their house in the mountains. There, I planted a tree so they can remember me and there is always something of me here. I am so grateful for my family, I love them...
17-03-2014 19:56
This weekend was quite busy; I was exhausted on Sunday evening. On Friday I went for a walk to the beach and we saw a beautiful sunset. On Saturday we had to get up early to go see a rally. After that we went to the south of the island where we met Thybo and Arne and their families. We went bowling...
14-03-2014 16:57
This week I was quit busy with school and studying for classes in Belgium. I went swimmig twice this week and I am so happy I can do that. It clears my mind and I feel relaxed afterwards. On wednesday I went to the town 'Teror' with my father here. I loved it, but it unfortunately it was already...
10-03-2014 19:43
So the last days of the holidays we basically spent visting places around the island.On Friday we went to Playa de Melenara. The weather and location were both beautiful. When I came home I was so proud of myself that I didn’t get sunburn, until I went to take a shower and saw that my stomach was...
06-03-2014 20:07
This week we don't have to go to class, so we have a lot of time to visit the island. On tuesday I visited a small town named Aguïmes. The sunset was just beautiful. Yesterday we went to Arne's house to celebrate his birthday. He had no clue that we were throwing him a party. I really hope he...
02-03-2014 21:51
While I’m writing this, I am exhausted from these three days. On Friday at school we had a show for carnival. I really liked it, the students worked really hard and it looked astonishing. In the evening I went to La Gala de la elección de la Reina with Thybo, Arne and my mother here. We had a good...
26-02-2014 18:36
This monday I finally got the chance to talk with some friends from Belgium. Tuesday was a rather normal day at school, but in the afternoon we celebrated the birthday of my father here. I enjoyed having people in the house and talking to them. Today was a normal day at school, we are used to going...
23-02-2014 19:04
23-02-2014 14:16
This wednesday the three of us went to Triana and we spent the whole afternoon together. I'm glad I'm not in this alone and I have Arne and Thybo to talk with and laugh with. On friday I went swimming, but I went to bed early because on saturday we had to get up really early. We had to catch the...
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maandag 30 december 2013

30-12-2013 22:06
Al gehoord van de uitdrukking "van je vrienden moet je het hebben"? 2 jaar geleden op zwemstage had ik blijkbaar een beetje een ochtendhumeur (understatement?) en ging ik op zoek naar kaas aan het ontbijtbuffet. Dat ochtendhumeur zal ik niet snel vergeten, nog steeds krijg ik te horen hoe erg het...
30-12-2013 15:07
Dit is het eerste bericht op onze blog! :) Nu begint alles tastbaarder aan te voelen en wachten we nog steeds in ongeduld af. De dag waarop we vertrekken komt steeds dichterbij en de laatste voorbereidingen worden in orde gebracht. Sinds mei weten we al dat we deze kans hebben gekregen. De...


great opportunity!

mevr. Lievens 13-01-2014

Ziet er daar heel mooi uit, enjoy and learn !

We volgen je!

Marijke Vanholder 10-01-2014
Veel succes! Benieuwd naar je cursussen Latijn!

First day of school

Marianne 09-01-2014
Quit a change, isn't it? Pero vas a encontrar a nuevos amigos muy rápidamente! Daar twijfel ik niet aan.

Re:First day of school

Marianne 09-01-2014
Ja en ik zie nu ook dat het "quite" moet zijn :p

Shopping day

Dirk 07-01-2014
Klinkt bekend. Waar is de foto van jou met de shopping bags, zoals op onze laatste reis?

Re:Shopping day

Laurine 07-01-2014
PAPA! seeeg! Zo erg is het ni he ;)


Anne-Marie 05-01-2014
Leuke foto's


Dirk 05-01-2014
Post maar zo veel mogelijk foto's.. Zo blijven we nog beter volgen!

Last day

Marianne 04-01-2014
Doe het ginder goed hé meisje! En geniet!

Re:Last day

Niels 04-01-2014
Maak er daar 3mooie maanden van!! xxx
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