Amazing weekend

02-03-2014 21:51

While I’m writing this, I am exhausted from these three days. On Friday at school we had a show for carnival. I really liked it, the students worked really hard and it looked astonishing. In the evening I went to La Gala de la elección de la Reina with Thybo, Arne and my mother here. We had a good time admiring the beautiful costumes. Thybo and Arne were quite amused as well. I admire the people who work so hard to put the show and everything together. On Saturday I bought my costume. It was last minute so I just bought wings and a wand. In the evening I met my friends from school and together we went to the parade. Their costumes were breath taking. We danced the whole night, my feet hurt when I came back home. The carnival is different than where I come from. If you’re from Aalst, you know there is nothing better than that carnival, but now I can say that I love both versions. Personally, I think the parade in Belgium is more “sophisticated”, they put more work in it than here. But here, I love it that you can dance, sing and walk with the parade while dancing. Today we visited Gáldar and we had a pick nick. Later we went for a walk at the beach. This was a weekend full of culture, learning and fun. I had a great time with my family and friends.