Happy birthday daddy!!!

20-01-2014 20:55

Last saturday, january the 18th, was quite difficult. As soon as I got up, my family congratulated me for my one year anniversary with my boyfriend. To think of something else, my family took me to their house in the mountains. Although the weather wasn't what we hoped for, we had a great time. We ate there and we sat in front of the fireplace. Next sunday we'll have a barbecue there with Arne, Thybo and their families. On sunday I went with Thybo and our families to a beach and we had the opportunity to go for a walk. After that we ate pizza and garlic bread. I think Thybo and I smelled really bad ;) Today was a good day at school. But my thoughts were at home because it is my dad's birthday. Congratulations daddy! I just tried to bake a cake. Yes, tried, I should practice a bit more... Tomorrow back to school, write you later! (I'm sorry, I don't know why the second picture is upside down!)