Halfway there

15-02-2014 13:36

I didn't write for a long time because this week I started to feel homesick. On monday, the three of us were a bit down and we couldn't really think of something fun. Tuesday was a better day for us. This week we also went to Cinthya's house because we promised to help her and Simon with their English assignment. We had a lot of fun preparing the commercial we had to film. Yesterday Cinthya came to my house for lunch and we watched a movie. I'm so gratefull that my friends are helping me a lot here. Everything at school is going well, although I have to practice my salsa skills more for physical education ;) Today we would go to Las Arenas with two girls we met in Madrid, but unforunately the weather is too bad... Right now I really miss my friends and family, but I try to limit the skype sessions so I don't get too sad. I am looking forward to the nice things we'll do here, so that this period of feeling low passes quickly. When I go swimming I can clear my head and afterwards I feel relieved. Although I don't know what I'm going to do when I get back, I'm really starting to feel out of shape ;) We've been here for six weeks now and I do like it here. I have a great family and new friends. I've made some memories I will never forget. But I can't wait to share them with my family in Belgium. Write you later!